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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Don't Do This. It makes you Stupid!

Stupidity  is not a new term as far as I know. For a long time the way I defined stupidity  was in the terms of a person being unintelligent or dull. However, after reading a chapter of the book, "The Spirit of A Man" by Iyanla Vanzant, I saw a new meaning  to the word.

In the book, Iyanla narrates how a friend of hers  while driving home from a social gathering, had hit a car and three tough looking guys had stepped out to challenge him. Angry words were exchanged and as a result her friend felt threatened, so he pulled out a knife to protect himself. Unfortunately, a Police Patrol car was passing and her friend was arrested for threatening people with a weapon.

Why was bringing out a knife in such a circumstance an act of stupidity? The said friend was not even in the calibre of people he was exchanging words with. He was an educated person with some fancy corporate job. His Bravado landed him in Police custody. Iyanla ends the story by saying, "Men are so stupid!"

Men are so stupid? I hope not. But sincerely, this quote challenges me to weigh the pros and the cons of an action before I act.

I personally think that when you put yourself in a position where you have more to lose than to gain, you are being stupid.

If you live in Lagos, or any big city for that matter, chances are that you will bump into irresponsible people. In Lagos we call  them, area boys. Anytime I have an encounter with such people, I count my losses and move on. It is the smarter thing to do.

As a motorist, I know I have nothing to prove to you. You are a stranger. Ever seen two cars face each other on a small road, and both drivers are refusing to reverse for the other to solve the situation? Stupid people.

Recently, I read a report about a guy (with the same profile as the one in Iyanla's book which she describes as potty trained and formally educated)  who was killed by another car after he tried to run after a commercial bus that had hit his car. I have the photos (viewer discretion advised)

What a sad incident.

While I feel sad for sharing this gentleman's story, I hope that you take home this lesson.

When you put yourself in a position where you have more to lose than to gain, you are being stupid. 

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