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Monday, 26 September 2016

Don't You Think You Need To Start Planning for 2017?

Or is it too early?
I think that it makes sense to start planning now.

Where to start?

I will always recommend a vision board. I think that it is a lot easier to stick with a plan when you have a visual reminder. 

Last January was my first time doing a vision board. And I did it in a rush because it was a social media trend. Everybody was showing off their vision boards and I thought that the trend was a meaningful one, so I joined. 

Well, it has been nine months since I made that vision board and if I am to evaluate what I have done versus what I put on that board, I would give myself 35 percent.  However, I noticed something remarkable while reviewing the board today.

While my plans in each area of my life did not go the way I had predicted, I noticed that my current life does reflect the board in a strange way. 

For example, I planned to run a mile or two twice a week. That did not happen! But I joined a workout group in my neigbourhood and we do high intensity interval training (cardio)  once a week. Plus I started doing a ten minute jog every morning, a week ago.

I planned to personally sell workout supplements online. While that did not happen, I somehow landed in the supplement selling business. 

The vision board works. 

Secondly, you need to have goals that you believe in. It does not matter how big they are, all you have to do is believe in them. For instance, I believe I will be a physical trainer in a few years. Even though I currently look nothing like a physical trainer.

I envisioned saving ten million Naira by the end of the year but I did not believe that was possible and I have  not made progress in that regard.

Some people call what I am talking about, faith. 

I have learnt that it is impossible to achieve anything without faith. 

Furthermore, make sure your dreams are quantifiable. Stop with all those arbitrary things. What exactly do you want in your life? Say it and make it as explicit as possible.

I think that believing in a higher power is something worth embracing. I am talking about Jesus y'all.  I am not even close to being a very good christian. But here is what someone wise once said.

"you cannot do it alone. You cannot go through this life all by yourself, You do not have what it takes"  

And I absolutely believe those words. So as you plan for 2017, plan to embrace God.

A good plan starts with  brainstorming. I read recently that the guys at IDEO (that renowned design firm) are devout brainstormers. So find a place where you can be without disturbance for 30 minutes, and just jot down the ideas that come to your head.

One brainstorming session is not enough though. You probably need like 10 or 20 before the end of this year.

Today's key words again: Vision board, Faith, Brainstorm. 
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I love you. bye bye!

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