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Sunday, 25 September 2016

I Tried To Be Grateful for a Whole Week; And I sucked

The irony of being a self-help writer is that I suspect that like me, many writers have a hard time swallowing the medicines they prescribe. 

I have always talked about gratitude.
About how it is the key to having a blessed life and living in the mentality of abundance. 

But the truth is that personally, I don't spend time counting my blessings. I judge myself a lot  and I sometimes catch myself in a fowl mood for no reason. So last week, I decided that I was going to journal all the things that brought me joy daily, to see whether living a "grateful life" had any benefit. 

What Happened?
Basically, I messed up. By mid week, I was back to my old ungrateful self because;

  • I had a flu
  • I was feeling weak
  • my blog shut down
  • I got drenched by the rain on my way to work. 
  • I was getting to work late despite leaving home at least an hour before work time. 
I felt like I had no reason to count my blessings.

Despite that experience, I have this much to say about offering gratitude.
The bible admonishes that in everything, we should give thanks. And that is the truth. That is the standard. It does not matter what I believe about thanksgiving, what matters is what the word of God says about the subject. 

Still, having come out of such a lousy week, I am feeling grateful.  Because the reality is that being alive is a big blessing. I heard someone say that we should offer gratitude for the "problems" we have.

For example, the fact that I got drenched on my way to work is enough to be grateful for, because I have a job. In many cases, what we fuzz about are things we should be grateful for. 

So, no matter what happens, maintain a life of gratitude. For me, I might not be able to feel positive when I am swamped by problems, but whenever I feel I can, I express my gratitude to God for the gift of everything in my life. Not just the things that I have, but the things I can do. 

Thanks for reading, I hope that this article reached out to you.
I have this idea about us having pen-pals who we could share our gratitude list with every week. If you have suggestions about how we could develop this idea, kindly let me know.

Please leave your comments (don't forget to follow) and thank you for reading, bye-bye. 

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