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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Dear Dreamer, Stop Dreaming Big. Start Prototyping!

The fine art of prototyping should be something every dreamer must master. 

Prototyping is about kick starting a project and producing samples intended to test the ideas you have. 

So with prototyping, you produce a sample, you test your ideas and then you apply whatever results you get from such tests to create a new prototype which would go through a similar cycle. Several cycles may be required before you obtain your final product. 

Yes, I know prototyping is synonymous with the tech industry  however it can be applied to all works of life. 

Day dreaming is good for a lot of things but without work, dreams are useless. Sometimes our dreams are so good, that we believe that achieving them would solve all of our problems. 

But the truth is, you have no idea. You may be wrong about your ideas. And the best way to find out if you are on the right path, is by getting to work and churning out early samples. 

 I have lost count of the number of blogs I have opened and shut down. I have collaborated with many start up webzines (websites that publish magazine style articles) who have since shut down. 

I have moved my blog from one host to the other. And so on and so forth. That is my story of prototyping. 

When I spoke to a friend who was just starting out as a blogger, I realised how much I had learned over the years. 

Quit believing that a task too difficult.  At work,  when I am given a tough job to do,  I get to work and I produce prototypes for my boss who makes corrections or further clarifies what she wants me do. 

If you believe your ideas are worth a million Dollars, the best course of action is to get to work right away. 

I have always wanted to write a book. And the time is now. I will be compiling my blog articles into
 an e-book. Wish me luck!

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