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Monday, 10 October 2016

Don't Feel Sad Because You Are Alone.

Every time I write here, know that I write from a personal space, so, I know what it means to be lonely.  And I have come to accept that, and I hope that I can help you channel whatever emotions you feel, as a result, through a positive light.

First, I will tell you that being lonely is not the end of the world. In fact, I also know that people will call you a freak for even considering the acceptance of your loneliness. Ignore those people.

I have learnt this much as a result of my own experience.

1. Don't try too hard to make friends. Friendships should happen naturally. If you ever find yourself placing your words, and acting in a way that is inconsistent with yourself, because of a friend know that relationship will eventually fail.

2. Don't try to fix your loneliness by visiting people. You will eventually become an encumbrance.  If  people do not pay back visits, they are telling you, you are not worth their time.

How do you cope with loneliness?

I know holidays and birthdays are the hardest because you will not get presents or birthday wishes. Stop being needy. Give your self a gift. Buy yourself a beautiful birthday cake, blow your candles and make a wish.

Sometimes you do not have the capacity to gift yourself some thing you would truly love, accept that fact, and move along.

Experiences can also make life memorable; the same way relationships can. So plan to spend your holidays trying out new experiences.

I also think that lonely people sometimes overlook the amount of support they have.

You may not have friends, but I am sure you have people around you.

Stop seeing loneliness as a negative thing. because you have time in your pocket, and you can spend your time as you wish. Some people will beg for the time you have.

With that much time unoccupied by friendship obligations like birthdays, weddings, and so on. You can achieve so much. You can develop an app. you can learn a new language, you can blog (Like I do), you can volunteer for a charity organization and so on.

Lastly, know that you do not need friends to have a network. Rather you need people who are interested in you because you are valuable or nice (winks, my strategy).

I will talk about building your network in another post. See you guys soon.

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