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Friday, 21 October 2016

From Being a Prostitute to being An Amazon Best Selling Author; Titi Ladette defied the odds!

My belief is that every experience a person goes through is important for building them and for defining them. Of course there are bad experiences and no body likes those. However I have come to understand that in those very negatives are opportunities for success.

Her real name is  Trina Cleveland and she is an American author, motivational speaker and poet. 

She is now leading a meaningful life. But it was not always this blissful for this mother and grand mother.

She was sexually assaulted at a young age. The perpetrator of the terrible crime also drugged her. Predictably, that experience launched a life of drugs and prostitution for Titi. Eventually she ended up in jail. But here is the fun part. She decided that she was going to finish with a very different story.

She went back to school, went into rehabilitation and today, her life has taken a turn for good.

She has written several books and published workbooks for people  trying to get their lives back on track. She also has a foundation that focuses on the development of the capacity of parents to care for their children. 

Her book, The Pink Elephant In the Middle of the Ghetto has sold over 20,000 copies since its launch a few months ago.

I found her story after she posted on  a video on Facebook and my hope is that you can gain some insights by watching her video below: 


 Her story has taufght me that;

1. No matter what you are going through,  have faith that tomorrow could be better.

2. You do not have what it takes to transform your life. Most times we think we do, but in truth, we do not. You need Jesus Christ. You need to walk with God. I am not perfect. But I know that I cannot survive this life on my own. 

3. We delve into personal suffering when in fact all is well. When I hear people narrate some of the their “problems”, I am tempted to tell them to get perspective, because somewhere in the world, someone is in a very very difficult situation.

4. Where ever you are in life, appreciate where you are coming from. Take a trip down memory lane. It would help you understand how much progress you have made. 

Thank you for reading.

Please be kind, share this article. See you in my next post.

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