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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Remain Authentic. Life Is Short!

I am listening to the Beatles' I am looking Through You. I just stumbled on the music online. And I like the song. I like the fact that, to me, it sounds original.

It is my first time listening to the Beatles, so I am not conversant with their style of music. I might not even like any other song of theirs,

Yet, this music, I am looking Through You,  sounds authentically Beatles.

Anyone who listens to Fela Kuti for the first time will understand what I mean.

And That is why I know that there is true power in authenticity.  In being uniquely you.

What do I know about authenticity?

I know that authenticity goes along with peace and happiness. I see people confuse authenticity with showmanship. We see celebrities (including internet sensations)  living crazy lives in the name of authenticity. But we know they are unhappy. Their lives reflect unhappiness: overdosing on drugs, committing suicides and so on.

Authenticity is about honest harmless self expression.

You have a finite number of years to live, so why live it holding back. Even when the world does not get you, be yourself.

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