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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Resist Entitled People. Spot An Entitled Person With These 9 Signs

Spot An Entitled Person With These 9 Signs

My siblings and I grew up knowing that we were not entitled to things that were not already ours. And that mindset has served us till date. Each person strives on their own, because they know nobody else owes them a dime.

A lot of people have that mindset that they are entitled to the lives of other people simply by relationship. A man in my neighborhood would come up to me for assistance, once the month was fresh. I obliged a few times, and then one day, I heard a sermon about “entitlement” and then I realized that I was not rendering assistance, I was actually feeding his negative values.

He had developed a schedule and he probably felt that he deserved a part of my salary, because he had no money, and I had some. I did what I was advised to do. I let him down easy.

How can you spot an entitled person:

1. They expect people to grant them favours, but they hardly do the same to other people
2. If they help you out, they will seek out a payback from you.
3.As a friend, they impose unrealistic demands on you.
4. A lot of people complain about their negative behavior, nobody likes them.
5. They like to talk about other people in negative light.
6. They dominate conversations by talking about their problems or their goals and aspirations.
7.They do wrong; just to prove that they are right. For example, an entitled person will tamper with another person’s stuff, because that said person uses the very stuff to inconvenience them.
8.They are generally pessimistic.
9.They have a problem with authority.
I think that everyone displays some level of the entitlement  complex, but a person who shows all 9 signs listed, in my opinion, is a danger to those around them. Entitled people explode. They interpret the behaviors and responses of other people via a negative complex. For a example, a simple no to an entitled person’s request is interpreted as pride or selfishness.

Now, back to that man in my neighborhood. Recently, the local health authority asked my next door neighbor to take away his large diesel generator because it was a health hazard to the whole neighborhood.  However, this move was instigated by that very entitled man I mentioned earlier. He was a blatant forerunner in the whole scheme. Unbelievable.

Stay away from entitled people or friends. Also, stay away from domestic helps with these attributes, they will kill you-eventually.

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