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Saturday, 22 October 2016

So You Are Killing People for Me to Eat Meat?

This question has been on my mind for the past few days. I cannot seem to wrap my head around the fact that Fulani Herdsmen would kill farmers so that their cattle can graze on farmlands.

For me, I am worried that the meat I eat is costing some people their lives and that is just wrong.
I would not bother to find out what percentage of the meat consumed in Nigeria is sourced via Fulani herdsmen and what percentage  comes from organized ranches, because the truth is that figures do not matter.
What matters is that some people are killing other people to fatten their cattle for consumers to buy. And Whether it is one Nigerian these Fulani herdsmen serve, or 10 million Nigerians, what they are doing is not acceptable.
It is also unfortunate that we always turn a blind eye to the things that supposedly do not affect us. But it is my belief that what comes around goes around. The truth is that these farmlands being destroyed by Fulani herdsmen are the sources of our food.
We cannot eat meat all day. We also need rice and yam and corn and other things cows cannot provide us.
I am also worried that things can spiral out of control with these herdsmen who allegedly also provide meat for neighboring African countries.
The International Rescue Committee reported that Nigeria is at the risk of man made famine due to the fact that terrorism has hampered agriculture and commerce in Northern Nigeria.  It is unbelievable what terrorism has done to us.
I am just bewildered by the videos of starving Nigerian children in refugee camps. That is the sad picture of terrorism in Nigeria, and  in lieu of that, it is my opinion that Fulani herdsmen need close monitoring by the government before things get out of control.
I will leave you with a few photos detailing some of the atrocities that have been-allegedly-committed by these cannibals. Hopefully these photos will strike a nerve and maybe you  will decide to do something.
The following Images are graphic and viewer discretion is advised.

Joshua Adah was killed while running a medical charity in improvised areas of Northern Nigeria. He was a Husband and a Father

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