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Saturday, 22 October 2016

This is what I have learnt. Focus on the fact that your Life Works

It is actually possible to believe that your life is perfect as it is right now, and that you lack nothing.  Rather than focusing on the lapses in your life, focus on the fact that your life works. The fact that your life is in motion.

Whatever the situation, humans are able to adapt and build a functioning system that ensures their survival. Even in the worst of circumstances, you must realize that you have a system in place. And your number one goal should never be perfection but constant improvement.

Recently, I came across a story on the internet about a woman who had gone from being a drug addict and prostitute to being a college student, entrepreneur and author. I learnt several lessons from her story which I would share in subsequent posts, but I also learnt to value my life as is.

Striving for perfection is the most stressful thing there is in the world. That mind-set is truly very self-destructive. Every time I come across a story about a young talented person who committed suicide, I find myself asking this question:

“Why did they do it, could they not see how good their lives were?”

The truth is that we take for granted the lives we have.

Also, our problems are usually bigger in our heads than they are in reality. However we make our entire lives about our problems or about the things we do not have or things we have lost.

Wherever you are in life, you must recognize that you have a system that has served you well.

I have learnt to accept everything in my life; including the things I can change. I might lack the things you have, but I also don’t have the problems the things you have bring to you.

For example, a car is a good thing to have. However, if you do not have one because you cannot afford it. Do not be in despair. You are not burdened by the attention a car needs (servicing or repairs). Similarly, if you own a smaller house, do not envy those who own bigger homes. They have to spend more time or money cleaning.

Focus on the fact that you can run forward with your own life, appreciating the beauty of the life you have as you go along.

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