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Monday, 3 October 2016

This Is What I Have Learnt: You Must Learn From Your Experiences or else...

The first thing I ask myself after going through a negative experience is, "What did I learn". And then I begin to articulate all the lessons I got from that experience. And I believe that this is an exercise we have to do  because if we are not aware of the lessons an experience bears, we are going to go through that experience over and over again.

It is true what they say;"life is the best teacher". And life is strict. Life has no mercy. And as long as you don't get the lesson she is trying to pass across, you will not move on to the next class.

I often hear people talk about how they do not understand why they attract certain negative circumstances. That is what I am talking about. You will always find yourself at the wrong side, if you keep making those old choices.

So, whenever you are in a situation where you can say to yourself, "OK, this is a bad outcome", ask yourself, what did I learn?

Recently, my phone got damaged because I got caught up in the rain when I went for my evening jog.  Usually, when I lose something like a phone, I just go right ahead to get another. But this time I asked myself what I learnt from that experience.

 And pondering about the question made my realize that in the last 2 years, I have misplaced or spoiled 4 smart phones because I took them along with me as I went for my physical exercises.

What is funny, is that every time I got a new phone, I would say to myself, "I will be more careful this time" but I always made the same old choices. It is ridiculous that we think that we can outsmart life.

Think about it: You see the same elements, the same characters, the same scenarios. You also know that you have been in a similar circumstance in the past and you are aware of the end game, but you feel like you can have a different outcome without changing your own choices.

Event + response= Outcome

 To change your outcomes, you must analyze all the elements in the equation.  But trust me, I have learnt that the most critical element in the above equation is your response. 

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