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Thursday, 13 October 2016

What Would You Like To Change About Your Life?

This, I think, this a very powerful question. What I know for sure is that our unique problems are a part of our lives.

We all have problems. You are not alone. Unfortunately, collectively speaking, our problems are so varied that each of us assume we are the only ones with issues . While one thing is not a problem for you, it is a problem for another person.

I think that our issues are meant to humble us. However,  whatever you do with your problem, that is all up to you.

I asked myself the same question, and despite the fact that I knew the most obvious answer, I said, "I don't Know?".

I think that we cannot completely get rid of the things we do not like about our lives. That option is not available. What is available is a trade. So, if you are getting rid of something, you are certainly fetching another.

So, what I have come to understand is that our problems or issues ( or whatever we wish to change) are a part of us. They are a guide to show us how to live our lives. There is a purpose for whatever issue you have.

You may ask, "so what is the purpose for my epilepsy or my physical deformity, or the tragedy of losing something precious"

And I will tell, "you know the purpose".  Yes, it is an unfortunate part of your life, but it has purpose.
I believe that it is one ingredient (albeit shitty)  that is required to give your life meaning.

So, what do you do with your issues? You have two options.

1. You let them ruin you.
2. You let them guide you.

You could be on the right path to solving your problems, but you could also be doing the wrong things to solve your problems.

 If you are ever in that position, just relax.

What you need to do is to decide that you are not going to ruin your life no matter the wrong choices you make. Have hope (and grow your faith) that your issues will not be your stumbling block. 

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