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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Always Align Your Thoughts Back To Positive.

I am not sure what I had was depression because I have come across people with clinical depression and I know I did not have that.

However I would experience episodes of sadness and I would spend time trying to figure out how to get out of the mood I was in.

One of the biggest mistakes I made in such times was trying to link happiness to external things. So in trying to figure out what was wrong, I would ask myself questions  like, Was I behind with laundry? or did I have a pending task from work?

What I found out was that no matter what I did, I was not satisfied. It did not matter whether I had jogged that morning or checked my entire to-do list, nothing could pull me out of my sad episode. Eventually the episode would end and I would be fine.

No one knew this. In my opinion, we are yet to imbibe the culture of sharing our feelings and emotions with people. For one, I did not want anyone to tell me I needed deliverance because it implied something was terribly wrong with me and I needed supernatural  help.

One other mistake I made was trying to cover up my feelings with activities. Church and charity.

Praise and worship sessions did help a lot. I mean I believe in Jesus and in the Holy Spirit and I have felt the joy (some kind of positive energy that can move you to tears if you let it)  and the presence of God on several occasions during praise sessions . But once church service was over, things would show up to remind me of the reality I wanted to forget.

The same is true of showing kindness and helping others. Being benevolent is a good thing, but the joy of benevolence does little to cure sadness; from my own experience.

Some time during the last Christmas holiday, it dawned on me that I had not felt that usual sadness in a while. So I tried to figure out why that was so. Was it because I now exercised more? Was it because I was on holiday? Or was it because I had made a vision board for the new year and part of the goals I had jotted down was to not experience that sadness?

News flash: This past week it came again; that sadness. Maybe it was work, the hustle and bustle of the city or the fact that I had a deadline for a school assignment I had been given a month ago. But the sadness did not last long because I fought it and here is what I did.

1. At the beginning of the year, as I stated earlier, I made it a part of my vision for the year not to be sad. A portion of my vision board literally reads, in bold ink, " This year, saying NO to depression"

2. I am currently reading Dr Wayne Dyer's Power of Intention and I am learning to be in a place of higher energy. So these days, I let go of the need to be right and the need to hold a grudge. In my last post, I talked about having peace when we forgive others.

 Even when I know something is messing with me, I choose forgiveness and understanding for my own sake.

3. In those moments, I started affirming positive thoughts in my head. I said, "my life is full and complete in Jesus name". As a matter of fact, I think this singular action made a big difference. Always affirm positive thoughts.

I would like to end by sharing an idea I got  recently while watching a clip from Oprah's life class. In the clip, American life coach, Marie Forleo admonishes that we should live life like everything is figureout able. Like no matter what happens you would still be able to find your way. Let that be your thought and let that mature into a conviction.

It does not matter what is on the outside, your life is full and complete and everything would be alright.

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