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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Do You Want To Be Right or Do You Want Peace?

 The very first time I heard this saying, “do you want to be right or do you want peace?” What I thought that saying meant was that, do you want peace in your relationships with people?  But I now see that the saying really means more than that. “The peace” is actually for you; not for the relationship.

What I now understand is that in dealing with people, you have to decide to stay above from an energy point of view.  I learnt that emotionally speaking, you can have two broad kinds of energy. The lower energy or the higher one. The lower energy is associated with anger and depression while the higher energy is associated with peace and happiness.

When you show kindness and understanding and non-judgement, your emotional energy is elevated. But when you are angry and vengeful, your emotional energy plunges. And what’s funny is that, you will attract more of what you put out, so if you put out positive energy, you will receive positive energy and vice versa.

In life, people will do bad or hurtful things to you. It might be right for you to be angry, but that anger is not in any way good for you.

There is actually no formula for choosing a higher energy level in a real life situation.  Some emotions are actually tougher to process (heart breaks?), but I guess you just decide that no matter what, you are going to show understanding and compassion and non-judgment. These three are very difficult but they are important.

Today, I bought a fake product from a street hawker (which meant I could not return the product) and when I realized that he product was not working, I could have gotten angry but I decided to channel my emotion otherwise. Instead of anger, I chose compassion. I said to myself, “that money was my gift-indirectly- to him”. I chose understanding: “maybe he had bills to pay. Even though what he did was not right, he might have been in a desperate situation”. And I chose non-judgement.

I have learnt that life is not only about you. You are not the centre of everything. Life is bigger than you; Life is bigger than all of us. And so my dear, in dealing with people, decide not to take offence.


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