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Sunday, 16 July 2017

How to get better grades In School

I have come a long way. I had no idea that I would find myself here today and I credit it all to Grace.
I cannot typically call myself a straight A student but i'm good. I know I am because my University grades say I am and because I am thriving at a job that requires a lot of thinking and intelligence.

So I would say I know a few things about getting better results and here they are:

Get excited about what you are studying. Or see the bigger picture of it.

Tough subjects are often a path to a better future. I am glad that I followed through with my pharmacy education because being a pharmacist is not only  financially rewarding, as a member of healthcare, you get to make positive changes in people's lives.
So my opinion is that you do not have to like a course to want to commit to it. You might not get an A in the subject but your optimism ( or your willingness to see the bigger picture) will show up in your grades.

Have a partner:

Nobody is an island. Partners are there to push you beyond your own limit. Of course you must find a good study mate. I would also say that you have to be friends and you have to want the other person to succeed as much as you do.

Develop a study schedule: Not necessarily. I hate schedules. I like spontaneity. So I would say that in my own point of view, you do not have to develop a schedule for reading. However, you must give time to reading and study.

Consider the 80/20 rule; I think that it is important that we do the things that matter the most. So much stuff compete for the time we have. So flip through past questions, find out what topics are hot (that is, those that are often asked in exams) and pay attention to what the other students are saying.

These tips have helped as a student and I hope they would help you as well.
Lastly I would say that being book smart is important but gathering knowledge from various areas of life, acquiring skills (like communication, computer and so on) and having a personality would do you well in the real world.

Thanks for reading, leave comments and please subscribe to my blog.   Much love.

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