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About Naija Learner

My intention is to share as much of my life with the world.
I believe in the sharing of stories and I believe that we all learn by watching others.
So, Naijalearner is about my life. It is as much a personal blog as it is a self help blog.

I also believe in supporting others; in lifting people up.
I am not perfect, but I'll live my life as well as I can and as I know how to.

Yes, I struggle with certain things (valuing myself and my body are a few of those things), but I am certain of my creativity, my compassion towards people and I am certain that I strive to live my life by good ethics.

I love bodybuilding. I came into bodybuilding to get away from the reality of the gynecomastia I have ( and the things that come with that). I also love dogs (even though I do not own one yet).

I know people. I can easily feel what others feel and so I would say that when it comes to dealing with people, I live this rule.
It's a quote by Maya Angelou:" When people show you who they are, believe them the first time".
It is also incredible for me to think that this quote has become quite a popular even though Maya is no more.

This is one thing I know for sure. In Maya's words: "You have no idea what your legacy is".

My greatest wish is that we all come to the full knowledge of the power we have; that we all by our own contributions work and leave something behind that makes the world better and keeps our memories long.

Welcome to NaijaLearner.

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