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To order and Make payments
1. Select books and send orders and delivery information to
2. Make payments to Amokeodo Tobi, Access Bank (0027469866); include 300 Naira for delivery
3.  Delivery takes 7 days.

Featured Books: 
Talent is Never Enough 
Author: John C. Maxwell
Genre: Self Development
Tags: Hardwork
Price: 600 Naira
I would recommend to a young person with many talents but little focus

Blue Ocean Strategy (Paperback)
Authors: W.Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne
 (Harvard Business Review Press)

Genre: Business Strategy
Tags: Value, innovation, strategy
Price: 800 Naira
Offers insights on how to create new value offerings to consumers
I Declare
Author: Joel Osteen
Genre: Christainity/religious
Tags: Positive affirmations, Confessions
Price: 700 Naira
Good To Great
Author: JIm Collins
Genre; Business management
Tags: Fannie Mae, Gillete, Hedgehog concept
Price: 900 Naira

Author: T.D Jakes
Genre: Men/ women empowerment
Tags: purpose, Finance, relationahips
Price: 700 Naira

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